Zucchini stuffed with rice mint pesto and feta: Easy and gluten free recipe

These stuffed courgettes are a recipe to prepare immediately. Very easy to do, especially when it’s hot and you don’t want to stay in the kitchen. Light, but full of taste. They can be filled with whatever you prefer, basmati rice, red rice, black rice, pasta or just vegetables. There are a thousand ideas, give space to the imagination.
I usually make them with tuna, red onion, capers and olives, but this time I wanted something different, an even fresher flavor. I prepared them with basmati rice, feta and a very tasty mint, hazelnut and basil pesto. What goodness, everyone loved them!
Try making this pesto and believe me you’ll love it.
Now I leave you to the recipe for Zucchini stuffed with basmati rice, mint pesto, hazelnuts and basil.

Wash the courgettes, cut the upper caps and gently scoop them out with a spoon. Leave the pulp aside.
Blanch the courgettes in plenty of water for about 12 minutes. When they are soft (but not too soft), remove from the heat and let them cool. Meanwhile, cook the rice, prepare the pesto.
Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend at maximum speed.
Now take a non-stick pan, pour a drizzle of oil, add the zucchini pulp, season with salt, curry and pepper and brown. As soon as the rice is cooked, drain and add it to the pulp. Pour in the pesto, the crumbled feta and sauté all the ingredients for a few minutes.
Stuff the courgettes, sprinkling the surface with chopped hazelnuts and the crumbled feta. If you want you can bake the stuffed zucchini for a few minutes or serve them cold.
Here your stuffed courgettes are ready!

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