Gluten Free Wholemeal Focaccia

Focaccia are excellent substitutes for bread, they can be stuffed with cheeses and cold cuts, ideal for aperitifs, perfect for brunch and even as a snack for the little ones, and why not? Can be taken to school.
Very simple to prepare, few ingredients but so good!
Let’s see the ingredients together:

500 g of Wholemeal Flour G.F.(Nutrifree)
360 ml of Room Temperature Water
1tsp. of Dry yeast (Caputo)
4 g of Himalaya salt
Q.b. Extra virgin olive oil for dressing
Q.b Coarse salt
Q.b Fresh Rosemary (or dry)
(you can also add some fresh tomatoes)

Pour the flour into a bowl and add the water, mix with an inverted spoon, until the dough becomes lumpy.
Grease your hands with oil so you will be able to work better the dough which will be sticky.
Add the salt and work for a few more minutes.
Let it rise in a dry place for to 4 hours.
After that, roll out the dough, mash it with wet hands and form circles of about half a centimeter. On each focaccia add rosemary, coarse salt and brush with oil.
Bake (preheated oven) at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.
Remove the scones as soon as they are golden on the surface.

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