Celiac disease is a permanent food intolerance. It occurs when the celiac person takes gluten-containing foods such as wheat, spelled, barley, rye or kamut.
The intestine of a celiac person cannot assimilate gluten and consequently must change their diet, strictly with gluten-free products. It becomes essential to choose the right foods.
The element that guarantees product safety is the wording “Gluten Free”.
To avoid contamination, always keep gluten free products separate from others. Some tricks are:
Do not place the food on surfaces contaminated with other gluten-containing foods.
When preparing food, always keep the worktops clean.
Do not use wooden or plastic utensils, being porous they can retain traces of gluten.
Wash dishes and pots well.
For baking, choose baking paper or aluminum trays to protect the food.
The foods allowed for a celiac are:
Cereals: rice, quinoa, sorghum, tapioca, amaranth, buckwheat, teff and oats but only if it has the wording G.F.
Meat: all, obviously not breaded.
Legumes: all.
Dairy products: fresh and mature cheeses, soy, cow, goat, mascarpone, ricotta, Greek yogurt.
Fish: all, obviously not breaded.
Vegetables: all.
Cured meats: strictly S.G.
Taking into account these important tips, you just have to get down to work and cook!
Enjoy your dinner!!!


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