Naples between alleys, art and gluten free food

Naples, a city that knows no time. Every corner or alley you look at has its own story!

Among clothes hanging to be admired, the Spanish Quarters, the shouts of vendors and the horn of mopeds, Naples can seem cumbersome for those who do not know it.

This is exactly how I defined it, after having looked at it from another perspective: “the cumbersome Naples”!
Sit comfortably, put on your glasses if you need them, I’ll be your guide on this tour!

Quartieri Spagnoli, photo of Elly

Naples leaves its mark on those who visit it and still leaves me breathless, despite having lived it for thirty years!

Every single place, every single gesture, stays inside you!
A smile, a look, a handshake have a different flavor. You find love, anger, but in spite of everything you find Heat!

It takes you down into its darkness, into the famous Underground Naples. You get lost among those suggestive tunnels and exciting tales: right there, you discover the story of the “Munaciello”, an ancient and fascinating legend of Neapolitan folklore.

Napoli Sotterranea, photo of Giulia

Going up from these gloomy depths here is the sun, blazing and illuminating the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola. A new look, a new perspective on the city.
Quickly the steps, one after the other, cross Toledo street, wonderful shop windows follow one another, it is impossible not to stop and go shopping!

In no time at all we find ourselves crossing the Galleria Umberto

arriving in Santa Brigida street where you can enjoy a good gluten free pizza at “Mammina”.

Continuing towards Dante Square, one of the most important in Naples, today it is a hub for the city: it connects the oldest part with Toledo street and the hilly neighborhoods – it is possible to see Port’Alba,

considered one of the most beautiful seventeenth-century gates in Europe, from which a small street that smells of books comes to life.

Here the most suggestive alleys of Naples begin.
In the historic center of Naples there is the famous pizzeria dal Presidente, where you can eat the real gluten free neapolitan pizza, A ‘Margherita!

And after a pizza like this, you have to walk and choose to visit:

  • San Severo Chapel (Veiled Christ)
  • Church of San Domenico Maggiore
  • Church of San Gregorio Armeno
  • Monastery of Santa Chiara
  • Cathedral of San Gennaro

Trust me it’s hard to choose!

From the Duomo you can go up towards Foria street and go towards Cavour Square.

Here I recommend you stop for a coffee at “Gluten free Leopoldo” where you can taste all the typical neapolitan sweets such as sfogliatella, babbà, caprese, pastiera, sweet and savory taralli. In short, you will find lots of good things and a super welcoming staff.

In Naples you fill yourself with joy just by watching people gesticulate, listening to that “dialect”, so difficult for many to understand, which for me is and will always remain an incomparable melody.

Naples wants to see you happy even if you are contaminated with other peoples.
“Go”, she tells you, “and she also comes back to me when you feel the need, when you want to breathe your identity. I am here waiting for you, I am your Mother Earth “!

She pushes me, hugs me and pushes me back just for the sake of making me vibrate. Yes, because in Naples it vibrates. Vibrations of passion, of life, of screams, of art, of humanity, of moments!

Like the Spanish Palace, full of colors. Costantino Palace, one of the most interesting buildings in Naples. The Royal Palace, located in Plebiscito Square.

Nearby you will find the new 100% gluten free restaurant “Zero Zero Grano”. If you love good and genuine food, this restaurant is for you!

Naples is not just pizza and mandolin,

Naples is not misery,

Naples is nobility!
That nobility that you take inside wherever you go!

daughter of this badly treated mother, will always carry her in my heart, because only she will know how to love me unconditionally❤️!

Before concluding our tour, I recommend 4 other gluten free pizzerias that are worth a try:

I hope I have been a good guide in my cumbersome Naples!


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