My relationship with Celiac Disease!


Celiac for 24 years!
I discovered that I was celiac at the age of 12, as celiac disease was not well known at the time, it was the most complicated period of my life.
The first symptoms appeared at the age of 2 but nobody ever knew what I had, I went in and out of hospitals without ever knowing the correct diagnosis.
For my parents it became an interminable anguish. They no longer knew where to turn.
Then one day, at the Policlinico of Naples “Federico II”, we met a doctor, Dr. Fiorella Affinito, who hypothesized that celiac disease could be behind my frequent ailments and she directed me to the office of Dr. Carolina Ciacci, who still thank you today.
I remember that as soon as she saw me, she immediately made the diagnosis, which was then confirmed by a series of tests and gastroscopy.
There was a sigh of relief in the family!
Since that day my life has changed!
The first years was a shock because I had to give up many things, change my habits, I gave up class parties, birthday parties, in short, I isolated myself a little from the world. I often stayed at home, I was afraid, I felt different and I was ashamed.
Then, over the years, I learned to manage social relationships, the relationship with food, both at home and outside.
At my house now we all eat Gluten free!
Today I do not give up on any event that is dinner, aperitif or parties.
Now there is a very wide variety of products, which make the life of a celiac easier, even while traveling, I can manage myself very easily. I learned to get by and I like that!
Celiacs must not be labeled as sick people … we are Special people!


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