Live a healty life!

In this article I want to talk to you about the importance of living a healthier life.

What does it mean?

I guess the first answer that comes to your mind is … Diet? But no!

Achieving psycho-physical well-being does not only mean counting macronutrients, eliminating pasta and bread or replacing meals with protein bars and liquid drinks.

Nutrition plays an important role in our well-being. To approach a correct style just follow a “Mediterranean” diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, legumes, cereals, fish, white or red meats (without exaggerating).

Of course, other important factors for a healthy lifestyle are also:

  • Physical activity, just 30 minutes a day

  • Relax, it is important to carve out some time for ourselves

  • The hours of sleep, according to health experts, the ideal would be to sleep between 6/8 hours a day to have an excellent recovery of the organism.

We must keep in mind, however, that nutrition does the most important job. This means that we must pay attention to what we eat, (learning to read the product labels and paying attention to the level of sugars contained) and which cooking we use.

First of all, the preferred cooking methods are:

Dry cooking:

  • oven,

  • grilling,

  • baking.

Wet cooking:

  • steaming,

  • boiling,

  • vacuum,

  • stew.

Why is a good knowledge of cooking so important?

Simple, it helps us to enhance every ingredient, every dish! Knowing which cooking to use will allow us to make even the most boring vegetables a mouth-watering dish, not to lose the properties of the food and thus guarantee the result of a good and healthy meal in all respects.

But before choosing how to prepare a product, we must certainly choose it. How to do? One seems the same as the other on supermarket shelves, generally the preference is simply linked to the best known brand or the cheapest price. Not everyone knows that one of the fundamental elements for this choice is none other than the label.

Knowing how to read them is really important and it’s not that difficult.

Meanwhile, know that shorter is better.

If the list of ingredients does not end anymore, it is better to leave on the shelf, surely they will be foods rich in preservatives, additives and dyes.

The last element not to be underestimated is the sugar content.

Excessive sugar consumption is increasing obesity favoring diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Decrease, if not eliminate, the intake can only bring benefits to our body. Giving up on sugar can be really difficult for many but its substitutes are many, think of honey for example, but still maple syrup, agave, rice, coconut sugar, or natural sweeteners such as stevia, erythritol or dried fruit (figs and dates).

In short, very few precautions are enough to completely transform your eating habits! A little more information to learn how to buy and some simple recipes for cooking and occasionally replacing supermarket products with homemade ones such as biscuits, ice creams, brioches, dried fruit creams, jams, savory snacks . It will be so easy to discover the pleasure of unpackaged foods and a much healthier lifestyle.

In fact, the health of the body is not the image reflected in the mirror, not only at least! In fact, if it is right to want to feel comfortable with our body, it is also true that we do not need fasting or drastic diets, we need to know what we eat, to give the right importance to every meal which, as we said, is the greatest source of energy mental and physical, the means by which we can live happier and longer!


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