Hummus recipes: delicious and gluten free vegetable variants

Hummus is a spicy vegetable cream typical of oriental cuisine, now known and widespread all over the world.
The main ingredients are chickpeas, lemon, garlic and tahini, then it is flavored with various spices such as cardamom, paprika, cumin ect.
Hummus has many variations, it can be made with different legumes such as broad beans, lentils, beans, lupins, peas and peanuts.
Yes, I wrote peanuts in the list of legumes, why?
Because, although recognized as dried fruit, peanuts belong to the legume family (click here to find out more).
In addition to legumes, you can also add vegetables, peppers, cabbage, pumpkin, beets ect. An assured goodness, with a creamy consistency and spicy taste, perfect to serve as an aperitif, appetizer or to accompany salads, roasts and vegetables.
I paired them with a mix of raw vegetables and crackers.
The recipe for these wonderful legume crackers is from my friend Roberta Pomè, author of the blog dal ricettario di Roberta.
In this collection you will not find the classic hummus but 4 variants of hummus with intense flavor!

Here are the recipes:

  1. Pepper hummus
  2. Red cabbage hummus
  3. Peanut Butter Hummus
  4. Hummus of peas, leeks and mint

Pepper hummus: colorful and delicious!

200 g of cooked Chickpeas
1 red Pepper
1 Garlic
½ Lemon Juice
Q.b Himalaya salt
Q.b. Pepper
1 sp of Tahina
1 stsp. of smoked Paprika
30 ml of Extra Virgin Oil
Q.b. Parsley

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
Wash and dry the pepper with a cloth, put the cast iron plate or pan on high heat, when it is very hot, arrange the pepper and let it roast for at least 10 minutes. Turn it often and brown all sides.
Rinse the chickpeas with cold water, drain them well and finally pat them with a clean cloth. In a bowl, season the chickpeas by adding the paprika, salt and a drizzle of oil. Mix well and transfer them to a baking tray lined with parchment paper and cook for 15-20 minutes in a static oven, taking care to turn them every 5-6- minutes. As soon as they are crunchy, you can take them out of the oven.
Once the pepper is ready, remove it from the pan with the scoop without breaking it and place it in a food bag, close the bag and let it cool for about 30 minutes. After the time has passed, remove it from the bag and remove the burned skin.
In a blender, add the chickpeas, pepper, oil, salt, lemon juice, tahini, garlic and blend until smooth and homogeneous, then add the chopped parsley.
Serve your hummus with a sprinkle of chilli.

Hummus cacolo rosso

Red Cabbage Hummus: Rich of antioxidants!

200 g of cooked Chickpeas
100 g of cooked Red Cabbage
1 Garlic
1 sp. of Tahina
50 ml of Extra virgin olive oil
Q.b. powdered Cardamom
Q.b. Himalaya salt
Q.b. White sesame
1 Lemon peel

Finely chop the required amount of cabbage.
In a non-stick pan, add a little water and the cabbage, let it dry for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally and checking that it does not stick.
As soon as it is cooked, turn it off and transfer it to a mixer with the chickpeas, blend for a few seconds. Add the oil,tahina, salt, garlic, cardamom and grated lemon peel. Blend until the cream is smooth and homogeneous. Transfer to a bowl and serve with a sprinkling of white sesame.

Hummus di Burro di arachidi-2

Peanut Butter Hummus: Energizing Cream!

200 g of cooked Chickpeas
½ c of Cumin powder
1 + ½ c of Peanut Butter
1 Garlic
30 g Extra virgin olive oil
Q.b. Himalaya salt
Q.b. Pepper
3 sp. of Lemon juice
1 sp. of cold Water
Q.b Black sesame

In a blender, add the chickpeas, peanut butter, oil, lemon, water, blend for a few minutes, add the salt, pepper and cumin.
Continue to blend until the cream is smooth and homogeneous.
Transfer to a bowl and serve the hummus with a sprinkling of black sesame.

hummus piselli

Pea, leek and mint hummus: creamy and protein!

200 g of cooked Chickpeas
100 g of Peas
1 Garlic
½ Leek
4 fresh Mint leaves
1 c of Tahina
½ Lemon (juice)
50 ml of Extra virgin olive oil
Q.b Himalaya salt
Q.b. Pepper
Q.b. Black sesame

In a non-stick pan pour a little water, add the leek and sauté for a few minutes, pour the peas and cook for a few more minutes. As soon as the water is absorbed, pour the peas and leeks into the mixer, add the chickpeas, garlic, oil, tahini, salt, lemon juice and pepper. Blend for 2 minutes, then add the mint and continue until it forms a smooth and homogeneous cream.
Transfer the hummus to a bowl and serve with a sprinkling of black sesame.

Hummus: 4 combinations to try!

There are numerous combinations to try with hummus.
Here are some ideas:

  1. Toasted home made Buckwheat bread.
    (click here for the recipe)
  2. Raw vegetables cut into sticks.
    (carrots, celery, fennel, cucumbers)
  3. Crackers of legumes from Roberta Pomè
    Ingredients (for about 35-40 crackers):
    200 gr of legume flour
    110 grams of cold water
    22 gr of extra virgin olive oil
    1 pinch of fine salt
    (click here for the procedure)
  4. Meat.
    (chicken, beef, lamb)

Good tasting!

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