Home Made Bread


Here is the recipe for the perfect gluten-free bread … what goodness!

How can you recognize a good bread without tasting it?

Not from the scent but from the sound of the crust … a crunchy symphony.

Now get ready to get your hands on it!

Good fun….


500 g of Caputo Fioreglut flour

30 g of Caputo dry yeast

10 g of Salt

30 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

400 ml of Cold Water (from refrigerator)


In a bowl pour the flour, baking powder and salt, mix with an inverted spoon.

Pour in the water and work the dough with an electric mixer (hook whisk) until it is grainy.

Remove from the edges with a spoon.

Pour in the oil and continue to work with the electric whisk for about 3/4 minutes.

Before putting it in the mold, add a little oil to detach it from the edges of the bowl, help yourself with a tarot (dough cutter).

In the bowl where you worked the dough, add a little water and oil, it will be used to wet the surface of the bread before baking.

Roll out the dough into the mold, wet the surface and let the dough rise in a warm place for about an hour and a half until doubled.

After the rising time, bake (preheated oven) at 180 degrees (oven on top and bottom) for 25/30 minutes.

Always check the cooking.

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