Greek yogurt Crepes 


Crepes are a dessert of French cuisine, although there are similar preparations in various countries of Europe.

The original dough is made up of milk, eggs, butter and they are stuffed in various ways, from sweet to savory.

In France they are a traditional symbol of friendship, they were served to lords during the Candlemas festival (Shrove Tuesday).

My version of crepes is definitely lighter they are without butter.

I love this recipe because it is super fast, in a few minutes you will prepare a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Ingredients for 1 person:

60 g of Oat Flour G.F. (I use Provena)

1 Egg Bio

200 ml of unsweetened Rice Milk (Iuse Alpro)


170 g of Greek Yogurt (I use Total Fage)

1 cc of Acacia Honey

80 g of Fresh Blueberries


In a bowl combine the egg and flour, add the milk and mix until the mixture is smooth.

In a very hot non-stick pan, pour the mixture a little at a time, wait until bubbles form on the surface and then turn.

Fill with the indicated ingredients.

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