Good aim and changes!

The past year was a year full of events characterized by new acquaintances, changes, returns, breaks, choices, closures, awareness.

It was one of the busiest years of my life.
By rewinding the tape, I went back two years, where our lives have changed dramatically.

It all started in March 2020, while the world stopped, I was determined to turn my life upside down, starting to resign for a job that no longer gratified me.
For months now I had not felt satisfied with what I had, I oscillated between bad days and others as well.

Let’s be clear, we all have bad days, but working with people where your serenity created anger to the other had become tiring.
I loved my job but every day there was something wrong, I began to get tired of those ailments.

There was a break with the start of quarantine, I spent more time at home and felt happy, I didn’t live with the anxiety of always doing the wrong thing and hurting the dark feelings of others.

During the quarantine, I started asking myself so many questions:

  • Had I done the right thing by resigning?
  • Maybe it was better to be satisfied than to smile again?
  • Was it fair to pretend to be okay instead of saying a good fuck?
  • Was it okay to live like I was always the wrong one?

The answer was: NO!

From this answer it all started.

Arrived 2021!

With hindsight I realized that I wanted to feel free, chase away that malaise, do what I liked, get excited again, learn to say no and to understand if that really was the life I still wanted.
From that moment on I started throwing out emotions and words, also questioning my life as a couple. I had to move all the earth under my feet to understand what I wanted.

It wasn’t easy, the feelings of guilt were stronger.

The opening of the blog, the book, the closing of a story, the desire to return to Italy, the project to open my gluten free Bakery, the return to work made me vulnerable. Sometimes I didn’t feel enough!

2021 was not just a year of doubts, between fears and uncertainties I realized that change was coming and I had to accept it.
Between Naples, Rome, Bergamo, Milan and Holland, I met a few of you who have enriched my wealth of experiences. At each return I brought home laughter, advice, memories, bonds and even some sorrows I do not deny.

In Naples I met two wonderful people Anna and Delia

In Rome I met the sweet Stefania

In Bergamo I met my two crazy friends, Roby and Marta

Between trips and returns and various meetings, 2022 arrives!

There he is, ready to tell me I had to start writing down another list.
I confess that I don’t like to describe good aim.
I found myself several times having plans, writing a detailed list of goals but then everything changed due to tiredness and various unexpected events.

Keeping up with all those requests was not easy, I was demanding too much without certainty and I did not take into account my moods.

With awareness I learned to let go of the judgments, the shortcomings, not to forget the basic needs, the necessities and who I was!

There is no need to overdo it to feel complete, sometimes it is enough to do less to achieve more goals, the important thing is to never forget your well-being.
We learn to listen to ourselves instead of giving us orders, to have more consistency than to hurry and to always ask ourselves “how are you”!

My good aim for this 2022 will be:

  • Feel good.
  • Recover your energies.
  • To extend my stay in Holland for a while.
  • Stay in my house.
  • Be sure of a job.
  • Continue to offer you recipes.

The other resolutions will wait a little longer!

I hug you


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  1. Non smetterò mai di dirtelo, sei un tesoro 😍 Tra le cose migliori del 2021 c’è stato l’averti conosciuta! Un bocca al lupo per tutto! Vai forte Roby

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