Gluten free sweet potato cake

The Gluten free sweet potato cake is an autumn dessert with a strong and enveloping taste that will captivate you at the first bite. Just like it happened to my grandchildren. They loved it right away!

Sweet potatoes or American potatoes are a good alternative to the more common potatoes because they have a much lower glycemic index, low in protein and fat. Also suitable for those who follow a dietary diet. They taste sweet and are rich in starch. Perfect for making sweet and savory recipes.

The Sweet Potato cake is made without butter, despite everything it is super soft and compact. The flavor is delicate and slightly spicy, thanks to the cinnamon.
After you have blanched the potatoes, it takes 10 minutes to prepare. Just put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix and bake.
A healthy dessert, perfect for breakfast, if you then accompany it with a cup of green tea or a glass of milk, it will leave everyone satisfied!

You can also make it in a salty version, you will find in the tips how to prepare it.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
Wash and cook the sweet potato with the skin in plenty of water.
When it is soft, it will be ready.
In a bowl, add the yogurt, eggs, sugar and potato. Help yourself with a fork to mash and mix everything. Pour in the oil, add the flour and milk. Continue to mix until all the ingredients are well blended. Add the spices and baking powder and mix into the dough.
Line an 18 cm springform pan with baking paper, pour the dough into it, add the flakes, pumpkin seeds and hazelnuts on top. Bake and bake for 45 minutes at 180 degrees.
After the cooking time has elapsed, leave the cake in the closed oven for a few more minutes and then take it out and let it cool completely.
Your gluten free sweet potato cake is ready!

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