Gluten free puffed cereal tiramisu: Egg free recipe

Tiramisu is a classic of Italian cuisine. The peculiarity of this dessert is that everyone prepares it in their own way. Who chooses the ladyfingers, who the pavesini, who the biscuits. In short, each person personalizes it as they want.
I choose to do it in two ways, with buckwheat biscuits or with puffed cereals. Do you know why?
Because I don’t like ladyfingers! If I have to tell you all, I’m terrified of these cookies. Eating a glutinous Savoyard, I discovered celiac disease.

Since I have celiac disease, I have not eaten some products, even if they are gluten free, because it reminds me of the period spent between hospitals and doctors. However, I’ve always looked for the alternative, just like I did with this gluttonous Gluten free puffed cereal tiramisu!
It takes very little to prepare it, the time to prepare a cup of coffee, melt the chocolate and compose the Tiramisu.
This dessert is great for any occasion, it does not contain eggs and sugar. Light, fresh and super greedy!

Ready to prepare it? Here’s what you need!

Prepare the coffee, let it cool. Mix the yogurt with the honey with a whisk and set it aside. Pour the puffed oats into a bowl, sprinkle with a puff of cocoa. Take a kitchen brush, dip it in the coffee and brush the oats, sparingly, however, otherwise you risk getting too drenched. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie. As soon as it is completely dissolved, set it aside.
Now take a jar or a glass, compose the puffed Tiramisu.
Make a layer of yogurt (2 tablespoons) then oats and so on up to the edge. Take the melted chocolate, pour it over, add the fruit you have chosen, sprinkle with chopped pistachios and transfer everything to the fridge for a couple of hours.

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