Gluten-free pizza: the instructions for a perfect dough!

Preparing a good gluten-free pizza is now not that difficult, also thanks to the various mix of gluten-free flours specific for baked goods. Do you want homemade pizza?
Start by getting the ingredients:
Dry yeast
Still water
The complete recipe can be found in the Bread and Leavened section on the Blog!
If you think that in the absence of gluten you will not be able to make a good pizza, you are wrong: for a perfect result you just need to pay attention to 5 fundamental aspects:
1)Buy the right flours.
Magic Flours for Bread and Pizza
Nutrefree mix for Pizza
Biaglut Pizza
Shar Pizza Mix
Caputo Fiorglut
The last one listed is my favorite!
The thing that I miss the most since living in the Netherlands is finding a pizza with a capital P.I have tried different flours, with FioreGlut flour from Antico Mulino Caputo I’m finding myself well. No aftertaste, excellent texture, it seems to eat a “normal” pizza.
I also use dry yeast from the same company.
2)Try to get the right elasticity.
Unfortunately, sometimes the problem with gluten-free flours lies in the fact that the doughs may not reach the right consistency and elasticity.
Always remember that:
For gluten-free doughs you need more water than that you usually use (to prevent the pasta from becoming too dry).
The water must be strictly cold from the refrigeratore
Yeast should not be dissolved in water.
3)The importance of leavening.
Gluten-free flours do not need many hours of rising,being gluten-free they are weak, so they are enough only 3/4 hours of fermentation in the refrigerator.
4)Let’s dispel the myth salt and yeast don’t go together!Salt is a mineral while yeast is an enzyme, together they favor the extensibility of the dough, obtaining greater control on leavening.
5)The importance of proper cooking.
220/230 degrees high temperature static oven,to ensure that the pizza cooks quickly,swells but without getting dry.
By following these few but very important tips, you can be sure that the gluten-free dough will not create any problems for you, and the final result will be a fragrant and tasty pizza, like the original.

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