Gluten free crumble cake with courgettes and blackberries

Crumble cake is a two-layer cake. During cooking they become uniform, forming a soft base and a crumbled surface. This cake is composed of a fresh and fragrant filling,blackberries and an unusual ingredient (which is rarely used in desserts), courgette!
After the amazing result of my courgette brownie (here), I chose to use courgette in this recipe as well. The courgettes don’t release any flavor in cooking but give the dough an extra softness that melts in the mouth and an exceptional consistency.
Tasting it was love at the first bite, a sweet, delicate, fragrant cake with a strong taste. Excellent for breakfast or as a snack!
It is prepared, like all my recipes, in a very short time, you can use any fruit you like, I used blackberries because together with date sugar and lemon peel, they were great.
If someone at home does not like zucchini, I suggest you say it only after tasting, in short, when they tell you that it is good!
Now I leave you to the recipe for the Gluten free crumble cake with courgettes and blackberries!

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
Soft base;
In a bowl, add the eggs and date sugar, stir, until the mixture is fluffy but not too much. Pour over the chopped almonds, the oat flakes, the grated courgette and the previously melted coconut oil, mix all the ingredients and pour them into a square pan, covered with baking paper. Add the blackberries inside.
Now prepare the crumble; in a bowl add all the ingredients and work a few seconds with your hands. The dough must be crumbly.
Pour it over the base, so that all the points are well covered and cook at 180 degrees, static oven, for 35 minutes.
When the surface is golden, take it out of the oven and let it cool before cutting it. Your crumble cake is ready!

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