Neapolitan by birth, I lived in Naples until the age of 30. In 2014, with the passport in one hand and a bag; full of dreams; in the other, I decided to leave … to Holland. Are you wondering why in the Netherlands? Why I’m still wondering. I’m joking, in Holland, my great love “Luigi” was waiting for me.

Celiac from the age of 12, I am always looking for new gluten free products.

I like being among people, confronting their ideas, sipping good wine in company, talking about cooking and reading books. For a couple of years I have decided to approach healthy cooking. I discovered the flavors of home made. I love my lifestyle, because homemade recipes, like bread, biscuits or croissants, excite me. Food is my passion. Since I was a child I used to read recipe books and I loved Sundays in the morning with my grandmother “Lina”, preparing lunch. A lunch made of smiles, songs, stories of a past life that began at eight in the morning, feeling the smell of Neapolitan ragù, the Friarielli and the chaos of my brothers throughout the house, in short, I smelled the smell of tradition.

“Food is culture, it is the essence of nourishment, it builds social relationships, it is our physical and psychological well-being.”

For a while I decided to turn my life upside down, leaving the job that no longer satisfied me because I would, indeed I want to follow my passions, because as my friend “Rita” says, I wear the colors and enthusiasm of the my home town, in everything I do.

I like creativity in the kitchen, blending classic flavors with innovative ones. I love experimenting with healthy and obviously gluten-free recipes.  So, all this to tell you that ZGB is “the set of flavors, well-being and culinary beauties Gluten free!”

Roberta Sottoferro

“Food is part of us…. it’s emotion! “

P.S. I like writing letters, greeting cards and recipes, but it’s not easy on me. In fact, I asked my best friend to write down two lines that talked about me.

Chicca 07/16/2020:

Roberta, a courageous woman, always fast learn and open for new challenges, caring, an excellent listener, cheerful, precise and selfless. She loves to look at life in color, and follows all its facets. You are for me, simply “Roberta Batterbalocchio” (my nickname), the one you cannot do without.

“And yes, I see myself in these words” thank you my friend!