My name is Roberta, for friends “Felicella” for my sunny and self-deprecating character. I consider myself a creative person, not very romantic for a woman and I get funny when I’m embarrassed.
I always try to get the positive out of people, things and dark days. I love reading, especially Muslim women’s life stories, I love restoring old furniture and I love listening to Jazz music.

Celiac for a lifetime, I learned not to limit myself and not be labeled as “the different one”.
I have never allowed Celiac disease to put a spoke in the wheel. I love to travel and stay in between
people, I couldn’t allow a simple allergy (not disease) to manipulate my life.

Another thing I like? Stay in the kitchen!

For years I have avoided it, now it is my safe haven.

Between memories and emotions, between smells and tastes, in the kitchen, I abandon my uncertainties.
I prepare a thousand recipes, each one different from the other, precisely because I like to dare and savor.
On the question “Who am I?“, Know that I am still wondering, but one thing is certain: today I am also Zerograno Bakery, my Blog!

Why Zerograno Bakery?
Zerograno Bakery was born as a “personal reward”, but also from the desire to share the awareness of what we really are.

I put in this blog all my positivity towards celiac disease, which should not be seen as a discomfort or a negative thing, but as a new possibility.
My recipes are always very simple and fast, to give anyone the opportunity to replicate them. And they are not only aimed at celiacs but to all those who like me love to approach a healthy lifestyle with natural products.

These are all simple and colorful ideas, just as colorful is my gluten-free world!

Roberta Sottoferro